Bible Q&A

Was Jesus actually tempted to sin? I thought, as the Son of God, he was above that.

I have heard that there are “textual problems” in the Bible. Does this mean that there are errors in the original manuscripts? How can we depend upon a book which is so full of problems with the original text?

What is “that which is perfect” in 1 Corinthians 13:10?

I was trying to show a friend what the Bible says about salvation, but he told me he preferred to be saved like the thief on the cross. Can we be saved like the thief on the cross?

In the parable of the laborers in the vineyard, there are references to various “hours” of the day. What does this mean, and how do they correspond to our own clock?

Even today, Timothy is a popular name. Who was the Timothy of the Bible and what do we know about him?

Which translation of the Bible do you recommend for general use?

What is meant by the term, “unprofitable servant”? Does this mean that works are unimportant in the Christian life?

I understand that Jesus commanded not to use “vain repetitions.” Does this mean we should not repeat things in our prayers?

I hear the Christian life described as a “victory.” How is this true?

What proof is there that Jesus was actually born of a virgin?

Was Jesus a created being, or is he eternal?

I know that Jesus used parables in his teaching. What is a parable, and are there any particular rules for understanding them?

Please explain the incident of the woman caught in adultery. Why wasn’t the man also brought, instead of just the woman?

What has the Bible and Christianity done for women?

I have heard it said that Paul disliked, or even hated women. Is this true?

It troubles me that so many people in our country are looking for ways to get out of working, and be supported by the government. Doesn’t the Bible teach that we should work?

Why do you place so much emphasis upon works? Don’t you realize the Bible teaches that we are saved by faith only?

What is Worship?