• Considering Your Salvation?  

    “If I was lost, this is the tract I would want someone to give me.”  Written with kindness yet clarity, this message is ideal for someone you meet, but with whom you don’t have time to discuss matters fully.


  • Considering Placing Membership?  

    An ideal message to give to members who have been attending, but who have not yet expressed their intention to be considered part of the congregation.  Gives scriptural precedent for placing membership and practical suggestions for getting involved in the local work.


  • Considering Moving Away?  

    A somewhat specialized tract for members who are preparing to relocate. Encourages continuity and faithfulness through one of the most vulnerable times in a Christian’s life.


  • Considering Baptism?  

    A long-time, popular tract written for young people and others who may be “getting close” to a decision to obey the gospel. Also appropriate for visitors and prospects who have some religious learning, but need to be baptized.


  • Considering Teaching?    

    Designed to motivate and encourage Christians to begin teaching the gospel to others, this tract addresses one of the most crucial needs on the church today.


  • Considering a Christian College?  

    Designed to open minds to the possibility of attending a Christian school, this tract is ideal for young people approaching college age, as well as their parents.


  • Considering Quitting?  

    A message of hope and encouragement for discouraged Christians.  [out of print]